Do I need an attorney to assist with my adoption plan? Absolutely. In Florida an Adoption Entity must be involved in every case. In Georgia an attorney or Agency representative must swear that consents were completed pursuant to Georgia Law. Adoption Law is very complicated. AmericanKidz offers a wide range of legal services to assist you in your adoption plan. Whether you have found your own birth mother or are working with AmericanKidz to assist with your matching process, we can provide you with the legal services you need.

Hiring an attorney with extensive experience in private adoptions is essential to any successful adoption plan. Although adoptions are a branch of Family Law, a typical family law attorney may not have knowledge of the adoption laws to represent you in your contested or uncontested adoption. When interviewing a potential adoption attorney ask how many non-relative adoptions they have handled pursuant to Chapter 63 of the Florida Statues or if in Georgia, Title 19, Chapter 8 of the Georgia Code. If you live outside of the state from which you will be adopting you will need to obtain the services of an attorney who is experienced in Interstate Compact adoptions (ICPC). Unless you are a close relative to the child you are adopting, by a specific legal definition, you will be required to complete the ICPC process before returning home with your child. Unless your attorney is experienced in the ICPC process, you could be required to remain in Florida or Georgia for days or weeks longer than necessary. Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys are ready to assist you in all aspects of your adoption plan. Our attorneys are seasoned trial attorneys with extensive experience in both contested and uncontested adoptions.

If you have already been chosen by a birth mother through Facebook or another matching source, AmericanKidz attorneys and social workers can work with you to determine whether the potential birth mother who has contacted you is right for your family. Once retained, we immediately meet the birth mother and go with her to a pregnancy verification ultrasound, or if she is already attending doctor appointments, we obtain a copy of her medical records. AmericanKidz contracts with licensed private investigators who are also available to complete a background investigation of your potential birth parents and advise you as to their background. AmericanKidz works hard to protect you from adoption fraud and to help you build a solid foundation upon which to build a successful adoption plan.

If you are an expectant mothers who has already chose an adoptive family through Facebook or another matching source, call us and we will help you screen them to make sure they are a home study certified family. If the family you have chosen has not completed a home study, we may be able to assist them in getting the required documentation so that they will be legally ready to accept placement of your baby when the time comes.