The adoption process can present many hurdles, but it doesn’t have to! AmericanKidz offers a full complement of legal, educational and counseling services to help you navigate the process. Whether you wish to adopt an infant through a private adoption or adopt an older child through the foster care system we will be there to help you every step of the way.

The first step is a consultation with one of our Adoptive Family Coordinator during which she will begin to get to know you and begin to understand your current family dynamic and how you see it growing through adoption. If you already have a home study, she can review it and talk with you about how AmericanKidz can help you reach your goal of becoming an adoptive parent. If you do not have a home study, you will need one in order to move forward in the adoption process. If you do not have a home study and reside in Florida or Georgia, consider retaining AmericanKidz to prepare your home study.

During your home study, a social worker will visit your home and meet all members of your household. Our goal is to assist you in finding a child who will complement your family and adjust to your lifestyle. You will be required to submit to a criminal and abuse registry background check. In Georgia, you will also be required to complete a drug screen. You will be asked to provide personal and professional references and visit your doctor for a check up. (The whole process, although very thorough, sounds much worse than it actually is). The educational component of your home study provides you with a broad overview of the children who are available for adoption and helps you understand their medical, psychological, developmental, and educational needs. At the conclusion of this process, you will come away with a detailed, narrative that advocates for your family and opens the door of your home to the right child who best compliments your own personal parenting style.

Once a match is made, our social workers will take a personal interest in your birth mother. We will assist her in making doctor appointments, and in most instances attend these appointment with her. We request copies of all medical records and provide these records to you once they have been redacted pursuant to state law. (Only the expectant mother’s identifying information is redacted. All health information remains so that you may share this information with your pediatrician or other relevant medical specialist.) We will help her to sort through her feelings. We help her set new goals and provide assistance with referrals to educational and vocational training. We help her find affordable housing and provide referrals for community resources. We are there for her and for you for as long as needed. We also coordinate and attend meetings and telephone calls between you and your birth mother when appropriate and work with both you and your birth mother to craft a hospital plan that takes into consideration the feelings and emotional needs of all involved.

If AmericanKidz performed your home study, we will make visits to your home after placement to evaluate how well you and your new child are adjusting to each other and provide all required documentation to the court. If needed, we will help coordinate necessary community resources to provide you with any needed support during the adjustment period.

Our staff attorneys provides all adoption-related legal services, including personal representation at all court appearances through finalization.

AmericanKidz will walk with you through the entire adoption process, and advocate for you at every turn.