AmericanKidz is licensed to complete adoption home studies for Florida and Georgia families as well as to provide the post placement visits required after a baby has been placed with an adoptive family.

A home study is a legally mandated first step in any adoption. This is a comprehensive personal interview with adoptive parents, and anyone living in the home. The purpose of the home study is to create a written document which will represent you in a personable and realistic way, and will be used to introduce your family to professionals who are seeking adoptive parents for babies and children in need of adoption. The home study process highlights your personal developmental history, your relationships, interactions and experiences with children and your neighborhood. Home studies are performed by an Agency social worker. We will conduct the interviews in your home with the intent to approve it as a healthy and safe environment for children. Both Florida and Georgia have specific laws and regulations which govern who may receive an approved home study. Although most families “pass” their home study, we cannot guarantee that every family who applies will receive an approved home study. There are many factors that are considered during the home study process, including age, drug use, criminal and abuse history and other factors. Please feel free to call AmericanKidz to discuss your unique situation.

After placement, the laws in every state require that a social worker visit your home monthly for a specified number of months to evaluate how well you and your new child are adjusting to each other. For Florida and Georgia families, AmericanKidz is available to provide these services to you. We provide all required documentation of the adjustment process to the necessary agencies. Furthermore, we will facilitate and coordinate necessary community resources to provide you with any needed support during the adjustment period. Our goal is always to provide you with the best adoption experience possible.